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Madison Metropolitan School District

Gina Aguglia, LCSW

Gina Aguglia

Gina Aguglia, LCSW
Director of Cross Systems & Critical Response

Gina Aguglia holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a master's degree in Social Work with a focus on Animal Assisted Clinical Practice and School Social Work from the University of Denver. Gina started as a school social worker at Toki Middle School 10 years ago, she spent a year at Schenk Elementary, and she also worked as the district’s community and residential care transitions social worker. 

Gina worked as a clinical crisis worker to gain more mental health experience and critical response knowledge to supplement her school based skills. Gina completed her license in clinical social worker (LCSW) by working as a school-based mental health practitioner at a public charter school. She recently completed her administrator's license and certification in Special Education and Student Services. 

Gina is committed to teaching and coaching educators in evidence-based critical response with alternative forms of mental health support as a tool to reduce violence in school buildings, promote mental health support as a first response, and minimize reactionary and exclusionary practices, specifically resulting in disproportionate rates of students of color in behavioral referral data and the justice system.