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Madison Metropolitan School District

Office of Youth Re-Engagement

Focusing on a restorative justice approach to education, the office of Youth Re-Engagement launched in 2019. Our goal is to make positive impact in our youth, ensuring they are supported in order to reach their full potential post K-12 education.

Currently enrolled: 116 Students

Volunteering Opportunity!

We are looking for two book overs to help us spruce up our Juvenile Detention Library.

"We are committed to being the adults we needed when we were young."
- Nury Castillo Crawford

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The referral form for Innovative + Alternative Education has been updated for the 2022-23 school year. This referral form is to be used for the following programs.

  • MicroSchools
  • GEDO2
  • Operation Fresh Start - Legacy
  • Madison College - Gateway to College
  • Madison College HSED
  • Omega School
Student learning together outside

We collaborate with these programs!

  • Omega
  • University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Madison College

Innovative and Alternative Education - Secondary Options to Graduation

Transition Academy

Transition Academy serves students in the 11th and 12th grades from East High School. We are located within the Goodman Community Center Brassworks building, where we are able to access and utilize a variety of resources through partnership with MMSD and the Goodman Center. Students benefit from our smaller and greatly individualized learning environment where they can build relationships and strengthen their skills in academics, work readiness, and connecting to community resources through multi-disciplinary and hands-on experiences.

Operation Fresh Start

Operation Fresh Start Legacy offers a unique hands-on route to an MMSD High School Diploma. Small groups offer support in academics, college and career preparation. Students participate in construction crews building or renovating homes learning vital construction skills or conservation crews to maintain natural areas around Dane County, including building and maintaining trails, removing invasive species and planting native plants. Participating students receive a paid internship.


GEDO2 is a program designed for high school seniors who want a clear and achievable path to their high school diploma, irrespective of their previous high school experiences. We provide personal relationships, a weekly individualized learning plan, and connections to community resources. The goal of GEDO2 is to provide a pathway through high school graduation and onto the next stage of the student’s life plan. And it all starts with the diploma!

Blue Lion High

Blue Lion High is a transitional program for 10th and 11th grade students at West High School who are looking for a different learning environment to recoup missing credits through project based learning. The goal of Blue Lion High is to prepare students for future success in finishing high school and preparing them for their next steps outside of high school.

Night School

Night School is an option for students to access credit recovery and first time credit attainment after school hours. Students will be able to access courses and support outside of school hours and accommodate student’s needs.


Omega HSED is a contracted program with Omega School where students are able to earn their high school equivalency diploma through successful completion of GED exams. Students attend school at Omega School on Badger Road where they spend time preparing for and completing GED exams.

Metro Sites

Metro Detention

Metro Detention (MMSD Metro - D) is primarily a transition school for students grades 6-12. We provide students the opportunities to expand their education with a focus on personal development, literacy, civics, and math. Students explore careers and are provided individualized courses based on their needs and interests.

Metro Shelter

Shelter School (MMSD Metro-S) serves students in grades 5-12 who temporarily reside at the Shelter Home. We focus on wellness, experiential learning, and community engagement. Our community partners are essential in supporting and sustaining our mission, providing equitable engagement opportunities in non-traditional environments.

Metro Jail & Huber

Metro J & H serves high school students in both the Public Safety and City County Buildings. At Metro High, we focus on developing individualized graduation pathways in collaboration with students, families, and their schools of origin. We build trusted relationships with students that allow us to emphasize both mental health and social-emotional learning. We also ensure that each of our students develops a plan for their career pathway or secondary education goals.

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