visiting_artist_schedule_1.jpgDuring our time away from school, O'Keeffe Middle School art teacher Kati Walsh extended the O'Keeffe Art Club to include students from all of the Middle Schools within MMSD.

Her student teacher Selia Salzsieder has been connecting with students in the Art Club through weekly prompts and Zoom meetings.

This week, the MMSD Virtual Art Club started a new visiting artist series where local artists will share their artwork and interact with students on Zoom. This is a fantastic way for kids to make connections and gain valuable insight into what it means to be a working artist. These artists represent a wide variety of mediums and will be sharing their work, creative process, and at-home studios with our students. 

The students will have the opportunity to interact every week with local artists on Monday (11-11:30) & Thursday (12-12:30) Zooms from now until June 4th! You can view the full line-up (with website links) and in clickable poster image above. This opportunity is open to any MMSD student who would like to participate by filling out this Google Form.

Contact Selia Salzsieder with any questions!