Monday, May 23, 2016 - 5:15pm

Olson Elementary students and staff participated in controlled prairie burn for the second time since the LEED certified school was built in 2008. With the leadership of Earth Partnerships for School’s Cheryl Bauer-Armstrong, Ice Age Trail burn manager, Dan Wallace, and Olson LMTS Sheri Boser, students and staff learned to ask and answer the 4W’s + ”How do you conduct a safe, controlled burn?”.

Students tracked  the weather for a month to find the perfect day, removed tire chips that water had moved from the playground, and protected young oak trees. MMSD grounds crew and custodial staff mowed firebreaks near the garden shed and fence lines. Students documented this event with journal entries as well as photography. This video was shot and edited in iMovie by Hector, a 5th grade student in Maria Oliveras’ classroom.

Five staff members trained to be on the burn crew. Orange is the new Black! We thank our team of trained firefighters and the City of Madison Parks who allowed us to burn the adjoining pond area to help diversify the plant and animal life in that area and our school prairie.

It was truly a group effort!

Submitted by Sheri Boser, Library Media Specialist - Olson Elementary,  

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