The Alphabetical School Building Directory for addresses and phone numbers is available here.

 Elementary Schools - Grades K-5

Allis Elementary

Chávez Elementary

Crestwood Elementary

Elvehjem Elementary

Emerson Elementary

Falk Elementary

Franklin Elementary (Grades K-2)

Gompers Elementary

Hawthorne Elementary

Henderson Elementary (Formerly Glendale)

Huegel Elementary

Kennedy Elementary

Lake View Elementary

Lapham Elementary (Grades K-2)

Leopold Elementary

Lincoln Elementary (Grades 3-5)

Lindbergh Elementary

Lowell Elementary

Marquette Elementary (Grades 3-5)

Mendota Elementary

Midvale Elementary (Grades K-2)

Muir Elementary

Nuestro Mundo Community School - Nuestro Mundo, Inc.

Olson Elementary

Orchard Ridge Elementary

Randall Elementary (Grades 3-5)

Sandburg Elementary

Schenk Elementary

Shorewood Hills Elementary

Stephens Elementary

Thoreau Elementary

Van Hise Elementary

 Middle Schools - Grades 6-8

Badger Rock Middle

Black Hawk Middle

Cherokee Middle

Hamilton Middle

Innovative and Alternative Education

Jefferson Middle

O'Keeffe Middle

Sennett Middle

Sherman Middle

Spring Harbor Middle

Toki Middle

Whitehorse Middle

Wright Middle

 High Schools - Grades 9-12

Capital High

East High

Innovative and Alternative Education

La Follette High

Memorial High

Shabazz City High School

West High

 Attendance Areas

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See also the Alphabetical School Building Directory for addresses and phone numbers.

District Map
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Attendance Areas Chart

Attendance Area Map by School

 Other Facilities

Doyle Administration Building

Pflaum Road Facility (Administrative Services, Building Services, Food Services, Library Cataloging)

Hoyt - Home of Madison School & Community Recreation


School Forest

Central High School 1854-1969