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Madison Metropolitan School District

Partnering With Us

Madison Metropolitan School District welcomes community groups to actively collaborate in mutually beneficial programs that meet common goals and accomplish together what one organization cannot do alone. MMSD collaborates with community organizations and nonprofits, post-secondary institutions, businesses, charitable foundations, health agencies, arts organizations and social service agencies.

The Partnership Program Proposal process for establishing either a partnership program or service agreement is required in order to address the very basic public questions about initiatives that are not led by MMSD staff: "Who are these people and what are they doing in our schools?" or, "Who is this person and what are they doing with my child?"

MMSD considers a Partnership Program as a two-way street. A Partnership Program is multi-faceted and requires input, evaluation and attention from the partner, schools, and central office. Formal Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that requires the partner organization and District to meet, develop mutually agreed upon goals and metrics, monitor, and report on progress; adjust or end partnership when necessary.

The process for establishing a partnership involves five steps. Depending upon the nature of the proposed partnership, Board review and approval of the partnership and its Memorandum of Agreement may be required.  For more information, download our School-Community Partnership Guidelines, Policy and Procedures

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Submit your Partnership Inquiry Form

The Department of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation will then review your application. Inquiry Forms are reviewed on a monthly basis. You will be contacted by staff at the end of the month that you submitted the form regarding next steps. 

Tools and Resources

School-Community Partnership Policy
The Board believes that families and the community are vital partners and, therefore, supports and invites opportunities to create and cultivate school-community partnerships.

School-Community Partnership Guidelines
Our guidelines define partnership and provide guiding principles to support us, together with community entities, in doing our best work.

Partnerships Rubric
All partnerships receive a designation as low, medium, or high-intensity. Our Partnerships Rubric is the tool used to determine intensity level. Depending on a partnership’s intensity level, it moves through a specific approval process.

Self-Assessment Tool
We encourage all partnerships to engage in reflection to drive continuous improvement. Our self-assessment tool can be used by partnership teams to discuss strengths and areas for growth.

Partnerships Policy Summary
A Summary of the Board of Education Partnerships Policy.

Partnerships Report Template