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Madison Metropolitan School District

Partnership Program Proposal

Madison Metropolitan School District welcomes community groups to actively collaborate in mutually beneficial  programs that meet common goals and accomplish together what one organization cannot do alone.  MMSD collaborates with community organizations and nonprofits, post-secondary institutions, businesses, charitable foundations, health agencies, arts organizations and social service agencies. 

The Partnership Program Proposal process for establishing either a partnership program or service agreement is required in order to address the very basic public questions about initiatives that are not led by MMSD staff: "Who are these people and what are they doing in our schools?" or, "Who is this person and what are they doing with my child?"

MMSD considers a Partnership Program as a two-way street. A Partnership Program is multi-faceted and requires input, evaluation and attention from the partner, schools, and central office. Formal Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that requires the partner organization and District to meet, develop mutually agreed upon goals and metrics, monitor, and report on progress; adjust or end partnership when necessary.

What a partnership program is

  • Collaborative relationship to address areas of need as identified by the District and in alignment with the Strategic Framework.
  • Directly serves students, typically during school instructional time.
  • Partnerships are time-bound and do not automatically renew upon expiration. 
  • Partnerships are reviewed annually with all parties involved (District, School, Partner) through mid-year and end of year reporting.

What a partnership program is not

  • Delivery of a program / service that is duplicative of or provided by MMSD Staff or another established partner.
  • After School Child Care and Programming.  That may require a service agreement and facilities rental agreement. 
  • Promotion or Marketing of your organization’s services or distribution of your organization’s products.
  • A request for funding from MMSD to support an organization’s operational/administrative expenses.
  • A Partnership MOA is developed around a program offered through an organization or institution; it is not a program that the provider wants to pilot through MMSD.
  • Dependent on conducting research involving students/staff that is used to develop a new for-profit program to be offered by an organization.

Get started by submitting a Partnership Program Proposal in the form below to be reviewed by the Department of Strategic Partnerships. New and updated Partnership Program Proposals are reviewed on a monthly basis by a team of MMSD staff members most affected by this Proposal. You will be contacted by staff regarding your next steps and additional information will be gathered.


Information about you. Who is filling out form?

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MMSD Contact Information

To which Central Office OR School is this Partnership Program most connected?

Which Central Office Department OR School is this Partnership Program most connected to?
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Partnership Contact Information

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Is this in the ‘idea stage’? Have you had conversations already with certain schools, district departments, or staff?
If so, with whom? Is this an established program that has been successfully used with students?

Partnership Program Proposal Details

*Please complete this proposal in its entirety. If the question is not applicable to your proposal, please put in N/A*

Purpose of partnership, Rationale, Data or Research to support
Proposed target goals/outcomes, Proposed activities to meet goal, Proposed system to monitor and adjust
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Grade(s) Served [Check all that apply]required
School(s) Served [Check all that apply]required
Timing [Check all that apply]required

Please provide a thorough description of the Partnership Program’s budget/resources by answering all of the questions below.

  1. What is your estimated TOTAL budget for this project or program (annual)?
  2. What is the PARTNER ORGANIZATION’s portion of the budget and in-kind resources?
  3. What is REQUESTED of MMSD? Financial and in-kind resources?  Do you already have a financial commitment from an MMSD school/department? If so, please explain thoroughly.  Please note this is simply a request. MMSD may not and often does not have any funds available to financially support partnership programs.
What is the estimated number of hours of contact per student to complete the program?
What is the estimated time to complete the program? (ie one month, one year, over three years, etc)
Where exactly will this program be implemented? List all sites and locations.
List all additional partners involved in this partnership from funders, grants, additional partners
If your Partnership Program Proposal includes student interaction, does your organization currently have or have the ability to purchase Child Molestation/Child Abuse, general commercial liability and property coverage in the minimum amount of $1,000,000?   Insurance must be obtained and documentation will be required before programs or services are rendered.  Please let us know the name of your insurer.