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Madison Metropolitan School District

General Information

planetarium group photo

A planetarium theater is a special room with a round ceiling (dome) and projectors which can recreate the day or night sky up on the dome. The simulation can be set to show the sky for any date, time, and location — including out in space! The planetarium is an excellent tool for exploring various aspects of astronomy and space science.

This planetarium seats 67 and serves approximately 20,000 pre-school through adult visitors each year and has been open since 1966. The 30-foot dome is illuminated by an amazing Digistar 6 simulation system. Reservations can be made to bring your group to participate in a program at the planetarium.

In addition to program offerings, the planetarium also serves as a resource for teachers, students, and the general public--including monthly public programs. Please feel free to contact the planetarium via phone or email if you need any astronomical/space science related information or materials.

Location (see also Location page)

The MMSD Planetarium is located in Memorial High School, at the following address:
201 South Gammon Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53717-1499
Phone: 608-663-6102

A map, aerial photo, photos of the entrance, and detailed directions are available.

Visitors should enter through the Gammon Road entrance near the flag pole. This entrance is also marked with a planetarium sign near the curb. The planetarium entrance is 50 feet straight down the hallway on the right side. (see photos on the Location page.)

Contact information can be found on the Contact the Planetarium page.