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Moon at the Pole

The title of the photo is "Moon at the Pole.jpg". Is it an authentic photo?

Answer: No! And thank you for searching for an answer to this question. There's a photo that seems to be circulating around, being forwarded from friend to friend attached to an email or shared on social media. It shows a huge but thin crescent moon directly above a small sun, slightly above a rocky shoreline and beautifully smooth water.

Astronomically speaking, the first problem with the image is that the sun and moon should appear to be almost exactly the same size in the sky. The crescent moon is shown the way you would see it in a telescope, or at least binoculars: the sun in the "photo" is not. Check out this Astronomy Picture of the Day page for a great photo of an annular solar eclipse as an example.

The second problem is the angle: you'll never see the moon directly above the sun at the poles. See our Moon from the North Pole page for more on this.

The rest of the problems with the image I'll leave to you, or to someone else. Thank you for being skeptical enough to question the authenticity.