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Madison Metropolitan School District

Making Payments with a Credit Card

NO FEE for MMSD...

We changed our fee structure so there are now NO fees for MMSD/Madison schools during the regular school day.

All Non-MMSD, Evening and Weekend programs can pay with a credit card using the links below. 

To pay by check, make it payable to MMSD ( please add a memo note with the time/date of your program).

For group program fees, please note the changes to our fees effective Fall of 2023 and after!  No Fee for MMSD!

  • NON-MMSD, Evening or Weekend Group Program:    Payment for a non-Madison school group, scout troop, private party, etc.
  • DONATIONS:     Make a direct donation...note, you can donate through our Madison School's Foundation account at this Donations page.
  • MISCELLANEOUS:      Use this item for all other payments not listed above (telescope fee, repair fee, etc).