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Madison Metropolitan School District

Private Programs for Scout Groups and Parties

Subject to instructor availability, after-school, evening, and weekend programs can sometimes be arranged for your scout group or party. A 1-hour planetarium program can be tailored to the needs and interests of your group. Since coordinating with instructors' personal calendars can sometimes be challenging, we recommend that you list multiple times/dates in your reservation request.

Scout Groups

We offer planetarium programs which can assist your group in working toward Badge, Try It, Loop, and Pin requirements related to astronomy and space exploration. When you make your reservation request, specify the type of scout group, and what your group is working toward.

Birthday Parties

A private planetarium program can be a great gift for someone that enjoys astronomy. We can develop a program tailored to the interests of the guest of honor. If you specify the name and age in your reservation request, we can create a special graphic wishing them a happy birthday. We don't allow food or beverages in the planetarium, however, we can assist you in reserving a space here in Memorial High School if you would be interested.