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Madison Metropolitan School District

Private Programs for Scout Groups and Parties

Scout Days at the MMSD Planetarium:

Our scout days are scheduled for when the dark of night is at a reasonable time for outdoor observing activities.

In the summer months it doesn't get dark until 11 PM!  In winter it is just cold, Cold, COLD!

Join us for our Scouting Days experience with your girl scout group.  Reservations for these events have the minimum fee "waived" as the whole idea is to get as many groups as possible all in the room at one time... this helps to build a space science community, be efficient in the learning/teaching about space, and keep it affordable for all scouts.

Boy Scouts... you are welcome to schedule a program ... our largest demand is for the Girl Scouts, and thus the special day set aside for them.

GS Space Science badges

Fall Girl Scout Day:     Saturday... November 11th, 2023

9 am                  Daisies pursuing the Space Science Explorer badge

10:30 am        Brownies pursuing the Space Science Adventurer badge

12 (Noon)       Juniors pursuing the Space Science Investigator badge

An additional program is possible if there is sufficient interest from Cadette, Senior and Ambassador level groups.

Spring Girl Scout Day:     Tentatively Saturday... March 2nd, 2024


Cost Per Participant:

We waive the minimum fee if your group can come during these times... so the program is just $5 per participant.  

If your scout group CAN NOT make these special Saturday events, you can make a reservation for just your scout group.  The minimum program fee will apply ($5/participant with a $100 minimum). 


When you fill out your reservation request, please specify the type of scout group (Daisy, Brownie, Junior), put in the comments whether your group is working toward the badge, and help me to know where your scouts are in the process of earning this recognition of their learning.




A private planetarium program can be a great gift for someone that enjoys astronomy and we can develop a program tailored to the interests of the guest of honor. 

The minimum fee for evening and weekend programs does apply ($5/participant with a $100 minimum). 

NOTE:  Food and/or beverages are not allowed in the planetarium... but we can assist you in reserving a space here in Memorial High School if that is needed.

Why would my group schedule on one of the "Scouting Days"?

Typically ALL after-school, evening, and weekend programs have a fee of $5 per participant with a $100 minimum. 

This means that groups smaller than 20 will pay the $100 minimum while groups larger than 20 will be at the $5 per participant rate.

Although the 1-hour planetarium program can be tailored to the needs and interests of your group, for a small group this is a significant cost.