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MMSD FOSS 2: EarthDial

EarthDial Photos: March 11, 2005

MMSD FOSS Planetary Science Investigation #2: Round Earth/Flat Earth

The photos below were taken from the EarthDial summary page of live EarthDial photos (web page no longer available). They were all downloaded at approximately the same time (around 11:30 AM CST). Cut out these photos and tape them on a globe in order to test whether the Earth is round or flat.

ED-10 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia(05°17' N, 100°16' E)

ED-10 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
(05°17' N, 100°16' E)
ED-14 Panama City, Florida, USA(30°11' N, 85°40' W)

ED-14 Panama City, Florida, USA
(30°11' N, 85°40' W)
ED-21 Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela(10°11.5' N 64°41.7' W)

ED-21 Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
(10°11.5' N 64°41.7' W)
ED-22 Belo Horizonte, Brazil(19°55' S 43°56' W)[North is Up]

ED-22 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
(19°55' S 43°56' W)
[North is Up]


The following images were downloaded soon after 11:30 AM from a web page called
World Time at   View a live map of the Earth's day and night cycle.
earth globe
earth sun progress