If your child is to be absent for a vacation or trip, a “Request for Pre-Approved Planned Absence” form should be completed and approved by your school’s principal before the scheduled absence for those days to be considered excused.

Here is a sampling of what may be considered for a Pre-Approved Planned Absence:

  • Family Vacation
  • Taking a Driver's Licensing test
  • Visa Requests
  • Passport Renewals
  • College Visits
  • Death of someone outside student’s immediate family

 When possible, arrangements shall be made for the completion of schoolwork missed over the course of the absence.

Pre-Approved Absences should occur only for special circumstances and for no longer than 10 days in a row. There is a maximum of 10 days allowed as excused Pre-Approved Planned Absences for the entire school year. 

Questions about this procedure can be answered by your school’s office staff.