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Madison Metropolitan School District

Frontline / MLP

Frontline/My Learning Plan

Our district will use the online evaluation platform, Frontline/My Learning Plan. Remember, the Educator Effectiveness System is based on a three-year evaluation cycle. If you completed your summary year last year, you will begin a new evaluation cycle this year. The resources below can help to understand how to enter your Educator Effectiveness Plan in MLP by efficiently accessing your Student Learning Objective (SLO) and Professional Practice Goal (PPG). Previous years’ SLO and PPGs have been migrated from Teachscape into My Learning Plan and are available within your Artifact Files. See the short video below to view key functionality of our new system.

Educatior Effectiveness Screencast

What is My Learning Plan (MLP)?

MLP is the observation and professional development software that will be used to support the Educator Effectiveness evaluation system. All educators evaluated using the System will have their own MLP account. If you have questions, please contact your school’s Educator Effectiveness Strategist.

How do I log in?

From the Novell Application Launcher (NAL): MLP can be accessed through this icon on the Novell Application Launcher (NAL) on MMSD computers. Click on it to launch a browser to the website. Use your bNumber and district password to log in.

MLP Logo

What if I don't have a Novell Application Launcher

Bookmark in your browser. Again, use your bNumber and district password to log in.