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Read Up

Make reading together a part of each day. Everyday reading includes:

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Ask questions

Children will read more closely when asked to find answers from the text.

Why did the character do that?
How do you know?
What happened then?
Where does it say that?
What ingredients are needed for the recipe?

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This past summer, Read Up was in Allis and Lincoln elementary schools, enhancing the afternoon MSCR portion of summer school with literacy-based activities and free book giveaways. As part of this program, we held two Read Up family nights at each of these two schools to allow parents the chance to see what is going on at their child's school as well as enjoy a fun night of activities, free dinner, book giveaways and more!

Join the Read Up campaign to promote reading and give parents and caregivers tools to help children get more from their reading.

Read Up family night at Allis elementary  Read Up family night at Allis Elementary  girls at a Read Up event  Bucky at a Read Up event  Read Up volunteer assists families
At a Read Up event  Read Up on the Que Pasa show  At a Read Up event  Read Up at el Día de los niños

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*These strategies align with Common Core State Standards #1 and #10, which ensure that students draw meaning from what is on the page. Find more at