Read Up logoThis summer Read Up Coordinators have been working hard to keep kids reading with read-alouds, book-based crafts, team-based word games and movement activities. Here are some resources that you can use to keep your child reading at home.


Week 1: Read aloud with your child

This summer make it a tradition to read out loud as a family to your kids. Even middle and high school students enjoy being read to.  Here is a video that talks about how you can help your child get more out of reading together time.

Read More Together from Parent Toolkit


Week 2: The Five-Finger Rule

During each book give-away session, we help our students select a book that is just right for their reading level. There is a simple trick you can do to help your child find a just-right book called the Five Finger Rule. Check out this video for more information on how this is done.


five finger rule


Week 3: Reading and writing around the house

For literacy fun, watch this video about how to incorporate reading and math games into a family road trip.

Road Trip Tips from Parent Toolkit on Vimeo.

You can find opportunities for reading and writing with your kids everywhere. Check out this information about "Reading and Writing around the House" from our Family Literacy Resource.


Week 4: Public library visits

Use the public library as a resource! If you or your children don't have a public library card, you can get one for free at any library location. Just bring in a photo ID and proof of your current address to get a card and start checking out book, movies, and lots of other great resources. Looking for great app recommendations? Our librarian reviews some of the best apps on the news and shares them here with you!

Here is a link to MPL books that go along with our weekly themes.


Week 5: Tips for reading together

When reading together with your kids, stop to ask questions about what is happening in the book. This helps them to learn to read more closely which is an important skill for school success. Check out this video of some of our Read Up students from Lake View Elementary reading together and asking great questions.

Here are some strategies for close reading.