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Madison Metropolitan School District

Enrollment Checklist

  • To enroll in 4K, students must be at least 4 years old on or before September 1.

  • To enroll in kindergarten, students MUST be at least 5 years old on or before September 1. 

  • To enroll in first grade, students MUST be at least 6 years old on or before September 1 AND show proof of having successfully completed Kindergarten. If you do not have proof of Kindergarten completion, contact the school’s principal. 

Prepare the following enrollment verification documents to upload directly to the online application before you submit it. As long as your documents are complete and correct, you won't need to visit your school for further verification.
Call or email your school and schedule an appointment to verify your student’s enrollment after completing the online enrollment application at Verification can be completed with your designated attendance area school following the online application submission.  Contact the school to schedule an appointment for a Zoom or an in-person meeting. Access your school contact information here.

  • 1. Valid Photo ID:
    • Driver’s License 
    • Passport
    • Government issued ID: Photo ID with full name and DOB
  • 2. Verification of Student’s Name and Date of Birth (ONE of the following):
    • Original Birth Certificate - **No photocopies are accepted. Schools will neither make copies nor keep the original Birth Certificate**.
    • Passport
    • Health Record
  • 3. Proof of Residence (ONE of the following documents in the parent/guardian name):
    • Lease
    • Mortgage
    • Recent Utility Bill
  • 4. Proof of Immunizations:
    • Wisconsin State immunization records if access to Wisconsin Immunization Registry is not granted by parent
    • All out-of-state immunization records
  • 5. Academic History if the student received their education outside of the US (provide any or all of the following):
    • Last (most recent) report card*
    • Transcript
    • Withdrawal form
    • Special education information

    *A copy of the last report card is required if the student is an incoming 9th grade student. This is required to assist with scheduling.

  • 6. Parent/guardian-student Relationship Verification:

    Verification of parent/guardian identity and relationship -- official photo identification (driver’s license, passport or government issued ID) and the student’s birth certificate or court documentation providing proof of parent/guardian relationship.

    If you are unable to provide verification, please contact the MMSD Enrollment Office at 608-663-4957 or

    NOTE: Both parents listed on the Birth Certificate will be added as parents in the Student Information System, unless you provide documentation that the parent(s) cannot be added because they are deceased, lost their parental rights, etc. The parent who enrolls the student confirms the verification of the second parent as long as the second parent's name is listed in the student's Birth Certificate.

  • 7. Medication Administration at School:

    If your child has a health condition requiring medication(s), prescribed or over-the-counter, or a procedure/treatment to be administered daily or as needed at school, complete the above forms and submit to your School Health Office, as soon as possible. For more information contact your School Nurse.

*The Order for Medication Administration goes to healthcare providers to complete - no translation of this document.