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Madison Metropolitan School District

Open Enrollment & Tuition Waiver

Open Enrollment 2023-24

The regular Open Enrollment Application window is closed for the 2023-24 school year.  Families will be able to apply for open enrollment for the 2024-25 school year starting in February 2024.

Alternative Open Enrollment 2023-24

The alternative open enrollment application opens July 1 and is available through the end of the school year.  A separate application must be completed for each student.  Once the form is completed, it must be submitted to  Once your application is received, we will respond to your request within 20 days.

Alternative Open Enrollment Brochure

Alternative Open Enrollment Application

Open Enrollment Policy

Tuition Waiver Form 2023-2024

If a student moves from one Wisconsin district to another during a particular school year, that student is able to complete the school year in the former school district. A Tuition Waiver Form should be submitted. If the student wishes to continue in the former school district the following year, then the student must apply for open