The Board of Education has received a proposal to consider renaming Glendale School for Dr. Virginia Henderson.

Dr. Henderson was a school psychologist at Glendale Elementary from 1976 to 1991. In 1991 she moved to Central Office as the Special Assistant to the Superintendent for Equity and Diversity. During this time Dr. Henderson also created the African American Ethnic Academy to recognize the capacity for excellence in African American children build self-esteem and increase their educational opportunities.   

Dr. Henderson retired in 1997 but remained a Diversity Consultant with the school district working to eliminate racial disparities. She dedicated her work to all children but she had a high commitment to students of color and students with special needs. Dr. Henderson passed away in April of 2019.

Process and timeline

Per School Board Policy (6700), the public will have a minimum 30-day window to comment on the recommendation. You can submit your comment below or in in person at an upcoming board meeting.

During the public comment period, Board President Gloria Reyes will:

  • Appoint a Citizens Naming Committee of 12 members, choosing from individuals recommended by fellow Board members (each member can recommend up to five names).
  • Designate a chairperson of the committee.
  • Establish a date by which the work of the committee will be completed.

Also during this time, Interim Superintendent Dr. Jane Belmore will:

  • Provide for researching the proposed names and any additional names that are proposed.
  • Call the first meeting and additional meetings of the Citizens Naming Committee.

Some flexibility is built into the timeline to allow for meeting planning and the possibility of multiple names being considered. Depending on the number of names proposed:

  • Public comment will be sought in January, with a final decision to be made in January, or:
  • Public comment will be sought throughout January and February, with a final decision to be made in February. 

The recommended name will then be discussed at a Board meeting 14 days before the Board makes a final decision.

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