If your child is going to be absent or late for school, please call your school or fill out the form below by 8:00am.

The “Attendance Line” phone number is located under the “Contact” tab on your school’s website. 

 State Statute and District Policy allows the following reasons for a student to be excused from school:

  • The student is ill to the extent that they are not in proper physical or mental condition to attend school
  • For observance of a religious holiday or participating for not more than 180 minutes per week in religious instruction
  • Serious illness or medical condition of a member of their immediate family, and the student is needed at home
  • Bereavement due to the death of an immediate family member
  • The student has an appointment with a doctor, dentist, therapist, or other medical appointment, or is hospitalized
  • The student, who has at least a 3.0 grade point average, is serving as an election official
  • Inclement weather, when, there is a severe weather warning in place
  • The student has their parent’s or legal guardian’s prior written permission (see Pre-Planned Absences for more information)

 You must contact the school every day that your child will not be in school.  

Any unreported absences are considered unexcused.

(see Unexcused Days? for more information)