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Madison Metropolitan School District

Data Use Resources

Data Use Resources are timeless tools that focus on general topics related to data use that are applicable across multiple types of data.  They vary in format and organization depending on the topic.  On this page you will find Data Use Resources and helpful tools from the SBLT Toolkit and/or the Teacher Team Toolkit (indicated in parentheses), as well as those developed by staff in the Research & Program Evaluation Office. 

Data Use Resources developed by RPEO staff focus on communicating, visualizing, and collecting data:

  • Building Better Surveys - This resource provides guidance on the use, development, and administration of surveys, as well as analyzing and communicating results.
  • Building Presentations around Data - When faced with a tremendous amount of data, it can be difficult to create a clear presentation of targeted findings - this resource can help! (It will help staff who have already analyzed the data, but need to communicate findings to a new audience).
  • Five Tips for Building Better PowerPoint Presentations - Five simple steps can help you create a better PowerPoint experience for your audience, and this resource shows you what those are.
  • Gain vs. Growth - In the world of assessments, there is gain and there is growth, and this difference is critical.  Read this resource to learn the differences and how these concepts apply to School Improvement Plan Goals and Student Learning Objectives.
  • Building Better Tables and Graphs [Coming Soon] - previous version available upon request

SBLTs and Teacher Teams have a host of analytic tools in their respective Toolkits to help them wade through and make sense of data.  These are available below, and can also be found in the SBLT Toolkit and the Teacher Team Toolkit:

Contact the Research & Program Evaluation Office if you have questions or suggestions for additional resources to be added.