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Madison Metropolitan School District

Data Sharing Agreements with MMSD

One of the ways to access individual-level data at MMSD is through the use of a data sharing agreement, which is a legal document drafted between the user and the district. It undergoes an extensive review process by multiple legal parties before MMSD's Board of Education signs off on the release of the indivudal-level data outlined within that document. At MMSD, the process of developing and executing a data sharing agreement can take quite a bit of time as there are multiple steps in the process, and there are different tracks that data sharing agreements need to take depending on the purpose of the data sharing agreement (e.g., is it part of a contract? is it part of external research?). 

This flowchart can help users identify the appropriate track they will need to take and see the steps involved in the process. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. Staff, please consult our Internal Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions