2020 Referenda - Future Ready

Rimrock Elementary School

a group of rimrock students

New Elementary School

The Rimrock area (south of the beltline and east of South Park St./Highway 14) is home to more than 400 MMSD students who attend schools approximately 6 miles from home with bus rides as long as 42 minutes.

  • Approximately 260 of these students attend Frank Allis Elementary School on Madison’s far East side at 4201 Buckeye Rd.
  • Approximately 150 of these students attend Nuestro Mundo Community School, a dual-language public charter school that operates out of a facility leased from the Monona Grove School District at 902 Nichols Rd. in Monona.

We believe that a priority of is to build a new elementary school in the Rimrock area to address structural equity concerns and better serve students and families living there.

We’re looking toward actions that would benefit both Nuestro Mundo students and Frank Allis students.

rimrock-percentage.png Eighty-one percent of MMSD students from the Rimrock area are from low-income households, 89% are students of color, and 50% are English Learners.

rimrock development map

Through October and November, we met with both school communities and with the Rimrock area neighborhood to help us explore options:

  • Moving Nuestro Mundo into a new building in the Rimrock area.
  • Moving Allis Elementary School students into a new building in the Rimrock
  • area, and moving students into a new building in the Rimrock area, and moving Nuestro Mundo students into the Frank Allis building.
  • Other options

2020 Referenda - Future Ready