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Madison Metropolitan School District

Credit Recovery


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MMSD uses Edgenuity to provide an alternative option or supplementary curricula for student learning. With our focus to prepare every student to be college, career and community ready, Edgenuity is used in high schools to provide greater flexibility for student learning.

Edgenuity online curriculum is used in our Credit Recovery classes, in the Innovative & Alternative Education programs, and for some students with Individualized Education Plans. Edgenuity provides personalized curriculum through engaging content that offers scaffolds for struggling students. Teachers have instant progress data to monitor and support students.

If you are a student or a parent whose student is in need of these services and would like more information, please contact your student's School Counselor or Case Manager for specific school programs.

MMSD Credit Recovery Overview

Blended/Online CR (Edgenuity) Overview

Credit Recovery Resources (Staff Only)

In some circumstances, Madison Virtual Campus may be required in place of Edgenuity for credit recovery, the entire course must be completed whereas with Edgenuity a prescriptive method is used where students can demonstrate previously acquired knowledge. The prescriptive method is not to be used by students who are on an NCAA track. Two documents linked below provide further information that will support school staff and students make the appropriate decision.

Credit Recovery Guidance

Online Program Comparison