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Madison Metropolitan School District

Pathways Anchor Partners

Personalized Pathways is helping students explore their interests and future possibilities through close-knit learning communities, experiential learning and the ability to make connections between what they learn in class, and the real world. Personalized Pathways would not be possible without our partners. Our partners do so much to support us in this work. We are grateful to have these partnerships to help our students reach their potential.

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Pathways East Orientation Students
Madison Metropolitan School District

Madison Metropolitan School District: Personalized Pathways are a way to rethink our high school experience. Students get to explore what they’re passionate about, connect their schoolwork to their future and see limitless possibilities along their journey. Through Personalized Pathways, we are providing the opportunities needed to empower all students, not just some, to be in the driver’s seat of their own education and determine their future. Encouraging outcomes for students enrolled in Pathways include high attendance, strong academic performance and an increased likelihood of being on track to graduate ready for college, career and community.

UW Health

UW Health is proud to provide essential experiential learning opportunities, data, and academic and competency based curriculum that aligns with workforce needs. They believe in the development of our future healthcare workforce. It is their hope that through pathways, we will see students entering post-secondary education or careers in health sciences.

Madison College

Madison College believes Personalized Pathways will help students be better prepared for college-level courses and are proud to support this program. They believe Personalized Pathways will help students better understand which careers they want to pursue once they graduate and spend less time and money on programs that aren’t a good fit. They believe it’s important to have strong school systems in place which prepare ALL students for their post-secondary plans.

Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce

Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce believes in helping young people explore their interests, create a plan for after high school and develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to be successful. Their partnership with Personalized Pathways helps increase the infrastructure to support this work. They believe leveraging their network through Personalized Pathways will increase employer participation in experiential learning, from guest speaking to student employment. This will benefit all of Madison’s public schools. They hope their work with Personalized Pathways will lead to increased student engagement in school, equitable distribution of experiential learning for students and employer engagement, which are building blocks for a stronger community.

UW Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin - Madison

UW-Madison is committed to their partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District, and engaging the increasingly diverse students body they serve. They strive to provide equitable access to opportunities at their institution, while preparing students for higher education, growing their awareness and familiarity with campus, as well as their knowledge of the expansive academic and professional opportunities available within the district's chosen pathways. Their commitment to Madison schools reaches far beyond Personalized Pathways, and they are proud of the multi-faceted relationship they have to support our community’s youth and increase access to higher education and UW-Madison.

County of Dane - Wisconsin

Dane County is committed to the wellbeing of our students, who will be contributing members of our communities in the future. Through experiential learning, internships and employer involvement, they are creating equitable opportunities for students to explore careers they may not have known about, build mentor and professional relationships and build knowledge and credentials to help them access higher education. As a Personalized Pathways anchor partner, they are helping to establish community relationships and collaborative efforts.

Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin

Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin feels Personalized Pathways is essential to developing talent within our region. As an organization, they work closely with post-secondary educational opportunities and companies which support talent development. They provide financial support and assist underrepresented groups in gaining access to post-secondary education. They believe with their support of Personalized Pathways and collaboration with other partners and community organizations, they can increase the percentage of underrepresented MMSD students participating in post-secondary education.

Edgewood College

Edgewood College's mission calls them to educate students for meaningful personal and professional lives of leadership in service to their communities. Inspired by their core value of Justice, they seek to create inclusive learning environments that reflect the communities we serve, with particular attention to groups that have been historically marginalized in society and by institutions of higher education. They are committed to Community Impact, Inclusion, and Student Learning. They embrace Personalized Pathways in support of that commitment.

City of Madison - Wisconsin

The City of Madison is known for its livability and sustainability but we know not all residents and neighborhoods share this experience. Our residents of color, people with disabilities and those from low-income households fare worse than other city residents in education, income, health and affordable housing. Their partnership with Personalized Pathways will help break down these barriers and offer learning opportunities to support educational attainment for all Madison youth. We are committed to supporting this work and will work to ensure all community stakeholders support the benefits of Personalized Pathways.