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Madison Metropolitan School District

Personalized Pathways Reference Materials and Site Visits

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Site Visits

The following list of schools were visited by one or more teams of MMSD staff in order to learn more about 1) their model for pathways and/or Academic and Career Planning 2) learn about their pathways implementation, strengths and challenges 3) their process for personalized supports to ensure all students had access for pathways enrollment.

Queens Vocational and Technical High School: Queens, NY
Date of Visit: Spring 2014
Focus of Visit: Smaller Learning Communities and Pathways Implementation

P-Tech: Brooklyn, NY
Date of Visit: Spring 2015
Focus of Visit: Alignment with post-secondary, business engagement and dual credit

Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (MET)
Dates of Visit: Spring of 2015 and Fall of 2015
Focus of Visit: Personalized learning, experiential learning and pathways

Long Beach Unified (Jordan, Millikan, McBride, Cabrillo and CAMS) Long Beach, CA
Dates of Visit: Fall of 2014 - Spring of 2016
Focus of Visit: To learn about a district approach to pathways implementation, to learn about Linked Learning and school specific implementation.

Long Beach Linked Learning

Los Angeles Unified School District (Hollywood STEM Academy, LA School of the Arts)
Date of Visit:  November 2016
Focus of the Visit:  Schoolwide implementation of Linked Learning; schools with multiple pathways

Harborside Academy: Kenosha, WI
Dates of Visit: Fall 2015 - Spring of 2016
Focus of Visit: Academic and Career Planning and Socio-Emotional Learning

Antioch School District: Antioch, CA
Date of Visit: Spring 2016
Focus of Visit: To learn about implementation of Linked Learning as a Pathways Model

Rockford School District
Date of Visit: Fall of 2016
Focus of Visit: Participating district in the Great Lakes College and Career Initiative and learned about their pathways model and implementation.

Additional Schools and Districts that served as resources

Appleton School District
Resource: Provided information about scheduling and how to maintain access to Fine Arts, World Language within a pathways model

Nashville School District
Resource: Provided support regarding scheduling, ELL and Special Education supports