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Madison Metropolitan School District

East High School Public Health Academy for Social Justice

Health Service Pathway

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East High School Public Health Academy for Social Justice:
Inspiring Change for a Healthier Community

Our Vision

East High School’s Public Health Academy for Social Justice students are creative, collaborative, critical thinkers who work to improve the health equity of all in our community, and succeed in academic, career and life challenges.

Our Mission

East High School’s Public Health Academy for Social Justice prepares students for postsecondary studies and careers by closely collaborating with our community partners in the health science field and advocating for the health and equity of all in our community.  We offer a core of flexible, rigorous and relevant courses aligned with interdisciplinary, experiential-based learning and post-secondary options. Our comprehensive course of study includes dual-credit, internship and public service opportunities for students within a safe and supportive learning environment.

Learning Outcomes

EHS Public Health Academy for Social Justice students will excel in:

Critical Reading, Writing and Problem Solving

  • Reading, analyzing and evaluating various sources of information from multiple perspectives to solve health and social justice-related problems.

  • Explaining, synthesizing and justifying information and solutions using a variety of effective written communications crafted for a variety of audiences

  • Fostering curiosity, inquiry and creativity to fuel problem solving and innovation.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Working collaboratively with peers to research, evaluate and present ideas to diverse groups while keeping in mind task, equity and audience.

  • Communicating effectively using a variety of tools and methods to advocate for policies and practices that promote wellness and prevention.

  • Collaboratively developing integrated projects with advice and input from healthcare professionals and peers to inform the greater health of our community.

Community and Global Competence

  • Interacting with diverse populations to understand and address culturally unique health needs and promote mental and physical well-being for all.

  • Researching, proposing and evaluating solutions to public health issues at the local, national, and global levels.

  • Understanding processes at each level that improve quality of care and contribute to the elimination health disparities.

Life and Leadership Skills

  • Demonstrating the initiative to set goals, reflect on experiences and learn from them while maintaining a growth mindset.

  • Developing self-knowledge and advocacy skills to promote physical, mental and emotional health for self and community wellness.

  • Developing cultural fluency while actively participating in research, service learning and leadership around community health issues.

  • Conducting oneself confidently, ethically and with integrity, both in-person and online.

Program of Study

Here is the Program of Study for our Health Services Pathway, offering a sequence of rigorous, interconnected courses throughout a Pathways student's high school experience.

Learn more

Visit the district Personalized Pathways page, Pathways Frequently Asked Questions, come to an upcoming informational session at your middle school, or contact the East High School Pathway Learning Coordinator, Annie Potter