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Madison Metropolitan School District

Purgolder Academy of Information & Communication Technology

Information & Communication Technology

Empowering Voice Through Innovation

Personalized Pathways - Madison Metropolitan School District

Our Vision

Scholars in East High School’s Academy of Information and Communication Technology are creative, collaborative, critical thinkers and innovators who use their skills to empower themselves and others. Our students embrace challenges and persevere in solving real world problems to improve the lives of the larger community. Through Pathways students succeed in academics, career, and life.

Our Mission

East High School’s Academy of Information and Communication Technology prepares students for postsecondary studies, careers and community engagement. We foster students’ commitment to empowering the diverse voices in our community. By closely collaborating with our community partners, we offer a core of rigorous and relevant courses aligned with interdisciplinary, experiential-based learning, and post-secondary options. Our comprehensive course of study includes dual-credit, internship, and service learning opportunities for students within a safe, responsive, and supportive learning environment.

Learning Outcomes

Critical Reading, Writing and Problem Solving
Students will:

  • Read, analyze, and evaluate various sources of information from multiple perspectives to research and identify solutions to real-world technological and communication problems.
  • Explain, synthesize, and justify information and solutions using multiple communication platforms for a variety of audiences.
  • Demonstrate curiosity, inquiry, and creativity to fuel agile problem solving and innovation.

Communication and Collaboration
Students will:

  • Work collaboratively with peers and communication professionals to identify problems, evaluate solutions, and communicate ideas to diverse groups while considering task, equity, and audience.
  • Create tools and methods that widen the accessibility of information to all
  • Develop and promote creative personal voice, vision and brand

Community and Global Competence
Students will:

  • Connect to our diverse community and amplify their voices through various technology and communication tools
  • Advocate for creative solutions to technological challenges and inequities at the local, national, and global levels to address the digital divide.
  • Understand advantages and limits of technology in our local, national, and global community in order to foster innovation.

Life and Leadership Skills 
Students will:

  • Demonstrate initiative to set goals, reflect and learn from experiences while maintaining resilience and a growth mindset. 
  • Develop self-knowledge as well as social and emotional competencies  in order to effectively advocate for self and others.
  • Exhibit cultural fluency while participating in research, service learning, and leadership opportunities using technology and communication skills.
  • As digital citizens, conduct themselves confidently, ethically, and with integrity, both in-person and online.

Program of Study

Here is the Program of Study for our Information & Communication Technology Pathway, offering a sequence of rigorous, interconnected courses throughout a Pathways student's high school experience.

Learn more

Visit the district Personalized Pathways page, Pathways Frequently Asked Questions, come to an upcoming informational session at your middle school, or contact the East High School Pathway Learning Coordinator, Annie Potter