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Madison Metropolitan School District

Information & Communication Technology Through Innovation at Memorial High School

Information & Communication Technology Through Innovation

Personalized Pathways - Madison Metropolitan School District

“While technology is important, it’s what we do with it that truly matters.”
- Muhammad Yunus

Our Vision

Advance students’ natural curiosity for learning and growth in the domain of Information and Communications Technology by fostering new ways of thinking and doing in agile learning environments.

  • Encountering and harnessing relevant technology opportunities in innovative learning environments at Memorial and within the community.
  • Creating collaborative environments through technology that fosters a culture of learning and the production of unique artifacts that express information, understanding and communication. 
  • Experiencing industry relevant learning such as job shadows, volunteering, research, internships, and activities within the ICT community.
  • Investigating high leverage ICT opportunities and post high school trajectories.

Our Mission

The Information and Communications Technology through Innovation Pathway empowers students to develop the confidence and capacity to utilize technology to become agile problem solvers in an evolving world that requires creativity and innovation.

Learning Outcomes


  • Students will become effective oral, written and visual communicators.  Using technology with an awareness of the audience, students will present information and artifacts (supported evidence) in a variety of ways.

Problem Solving:

  • Students will be presented with innovative learning experiences that will foster their creative problem solving skills. 
  • Students will challenge themselves and use resilience to work through difficulty 
  • Students will monitor and think critically about their work and their process, and reflect upon the process
  • Students will seek out resources and feedback to promote their success; collaborate
  • Students will produce artifacts relevant to the exercise that exhibit growth and understanding
  • Students will explain their creative process leading to an outcome

Self-awareness and self-reflection:

  • Students can measure their own learning over time through reflection and revision using digital resources. 
  • Student is able to effectively reflect upon the learning experience through a written response, conversation, oral reflection, performance, visual media 
  • Students will set priorities and identify areas of growth to expand their knowledge of utilizing technology

Cultural Competency/Global Awareness/Community Connection:

  • Students will build meaningful connections with people from different backgrounds and multiple perspectives, using media and digital platforms to understand and learn culturally sensitivity  and identify themselves as a local/global citizen. Students will use technology to present self to their learning cohort, and to better understand the members in their learning cohort


  • Students will predict positive and negative outcomes for their choices and actions and demonstrate strategies for self-monitoring with technology and will use technology to improve their community and be responsible digital citizens.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to monitor and regulate self when using technology
  • Students will  become aware of the negative health implications associated with technology


  • Students will have exposure to technology careers through personal exploration, guest speakers, site visits, research, internships and apprenticeships, volunteer work, and job shadows.

Program of Study

The Program of Study for our Information & Communication Technology Pathway offers a sequence of rigorous, interconnected courses throughout a Pathways student's high school experience. 

Learn more

Visit the district Personalized Pathways page, come to an upcoming informational session at your middle school, or contact the Memorial High School Pathway Learning Coordinator, Steve Guziewski