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Madison Metropolitan School District

Personalized Pathways at West

West High School is not enrolling students in Personalized Pathways. We'd be happy to assist students in the West attendance area explore the opportunities available at East, La Follette and Memorial high schools, and we can help you through the Pathways enrollment process, if desired.

Health Service Pathway

Inspiring Change for a Healthier Community

Personalized Pathways - West High School

Our Vision

West High School Health Equity for Social Justice Community students are creative, critical thinkers who collaborate and communicate effectively to understand and embrace multiple perspectives in an effort to positively impact the health and wellness of our community.

Our Mission

West High School Health Equity for Social Justice Community engages students as agents of positive social change through participation in rigorous, interconnected curriculum, collaborative projects, and diverse, authentic experiential learning opportunities focused on public health issues. Through strong family and community partnerships, hands-on career exploration, annual student reflection, civic engagement activities, and personalized student supports, students will develop skills and competencies and master content to achieve and demonstrate success in their academic, career, and life goals.

Learning Outcomes

Health Equity for Social Justice Community Students will...

  • Demonstrate proficiency and master critical thinking and problem solving skills across content areas, especially as they relate to health sciences.

  • Compare and contrast multiple cultural perspectives and practices in order to interact adeptly in diverse settings including public health.

  • Understand and articulate how their own perspective and bias impact their beliefs and create the lens in which local and global issues and public health problems are conceptualized.

  • Plan, implement, and evaluate group projects using the tools of productive group work and reflection. Most projects will be based on a health sciences theme.

  • Will explain and justify, both orally and in writing, complex ideas, concepts, and information through the selection, organization and analysis of content appropriate for task, audience and purpose. Most ideas, concepts and information will include a public health lens.

  • Apply academic and career readiness/employability skills in health science based learning situations such as internships, job shadowing, and/or mentoring experiences.

Learn more

Visit the district Personalized Pathways page or contact the West High School Pathway Learning Coordinator, Blair Feltham