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Madison Metropolitan School District

Supplementary Online Learning

Madison Virtual Campus (MVC) and Edgenuity are not full-time online schooling options. Please contact your school's principal for details on accessing full-time virtual learning.

Online Learning Programs in MMSD

There are several options for accessing online learning programs in MMSD. 

If you are a student, parent/guardian, or staff member, and want more information about MVC and Edgenuity, please look below for additional links or contact your school counselor.

Madison Virtual Campus (MVC) is a district-wide service that provides flexible online learning opportunities to MMSD students through their school of attendance.

MVC is not a full-time online schooling option and does not offer diplomas. It is a supplementary, in-district program that provides students with opportunities to take online courses while maintaining all of the benefits and resources available in our high schools. Please contact your school's principal for details on accessing full-time virtual learning in fall 2023 and beyond.

MVC is a partner in the Wisconsin eSchool Network, which offers our students the instructional expertise and opportunities for learning from over 31 member and affiliated school districts. Through our partnership, we have access to fully vetted, standards-aligned curriculum from quality content vendors such as Flexpoint/Florida Virtual School, edynamic learning, Accerate Ed, and others. Currently, only high school courses are available for online enrollment through MVC. Secondary students with compelling curricula needs (e.g. to keep pace for graduation, to take courses not offered at their high school) consult with their school counselor who assists students through a selection and approval process to best meet the student’s particular learning needs. MVC courses are for original credit or credit recovery and are full semester in length. For further MVC information, contact your school counselor, your school's MVC mentor teacher, or the MVC Teacher Leader Scott Fernholz, sfernholz@madison.k12.wius

Other Online Programs (Edgenuity Learning)

MMSD uses Edgenuity's online curricula are primarily used for secondary students in high schools for Credit Recovery, in the Innovative & Alternative Education programs, and for students with Individualized Education Programs. For more information regarding this program, please see the Credit Recovery page. Edgenuity is not a full-time online learning option. Please contact your school's principal for details on accessing full-time virtual learning in fall 2020 and beyond.

Doyle-Based Staff:

Coordinate and implement MVC and online program policies, procedures, and communications:

Vacant - Madison Virtual Campus Teacher Leader

Vacant - Online Learning Specialist

Cindy Green - Executive Director of Secondary Programs and Pathways | 608.663.5216

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