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Madison Metropolitan School District

MVC Course Catalog

Course Catalogs

The MVC Course Catalog can be accessed by clicking on the links below. The courses listed in the catalog are approved for MMSD students to take as equivalents to their face-to-face courses if they exist in the school district. If a face-to-face equivalent does not currently exist in the district, only elective credit may be available - discuss with your counselor! The Catalog will be updated periodically. If you do not see your desired course listed, please discuss with your school counselor. The course may have been made available late.

MVC Courses - Fall/Spring 2023-2024

Requesting an Online Course

Students and parents should reach out to their school counselor to begin the MVC course request process. This document outlines our basic process for determining eligible students. Please note the following before requesting an online course: Not all students applying for an online course will be approved. Some reasons for requesting an online course have a higher priority than other reasons. Additionally, some courses have a higher priority than others (such as one required for graduation compared to an optional elective). Please see your guidance counselor to begin the request process, discuss how credit will be attained at your local school, and consider all options.

Counselors - If you are interested in accessing a course syllabus for a particular course, contact your school's mentor teacher for more information.

Common Core State Standards

Our online English courses (English 1-4) fully comply with the Common Core State Standards. Each course includes detailed correlations to standards and covers all Common Core requirements. Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry also fully comply with Common Core State Standards currently, including statistics. Several Science and Social Studies courses have been updated to include Common Core topics from English / Language Arts and Math. 

NCAA Eligibility

In general, if a face-to-face course in MMSD is NCAA-approved, the online equivalent is as well. Please discuss any NCAA eligibility questions with your school counselor.