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Madison Metropolitan School District

Get Involved with Experiential Learning at MMSD

We appreciate your consideration to engage with MMSD students in career exploration and experiential learning. Please refer to the Experiential Learning Continuum for current activities available to participate in.

Individuals who wish to engage with MMSD students in school or 1:1 must also complete the MMSD Volunteer Portal. This portal includes required the background check and trainings to ensure all adults in our buildings are aware of important protocols and expectations.


Name of Person Completing Formrequired
First Name
Last Name
Industry Area(s) Interested in Participating. Select all that apply. Some companies may have multiple departments that could participate in these activities.required
What type(s) of activities are you/your company interested in participating in? Checking options do not sign you up for or limit you to those activities. Once form is completed, a meeting will be set up to discuss options and answer any outstanding questions about the lift required for the options selected.required
Grade Level(s) Interested in Working Withrequired

Each individual that wishes to work with MMSD students in-school or 1:1 must be verified through the MMSD Volunteer Portal. If this applies to you/your organization, please complete the steps outlined on the website. After you have been approved, please forward approval of verification to to move forward with this work.

While this must be done prior to working with students, the portal can be completed after the meeting with MMSD to discuss options to answer any outstanding questions.

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