As a reminder, Read 180 and System 44, reading intervention programs, will no longer be provided or supported after the 2019-2020 school year. There are a menu of options available to utilize other programs identified in the MTSS toolkit. High schools will continue to have access to the Reading Inventory assessment, as we know this assessment is used in a variety of ways to make informed decisions and placement for students. Staff should use multiple data points to determine student needs and profiles. As we continue to improve upon our intervention offerings to support students, we will be providing programs and training on the following:

  • Rewards - August 18th

  • Language! Live - August 12th & 13th

  • Sonday System - August 12th & 13th

If teachers are scheduled to use any of the above programs next year, they must plan on attending the required training. Additional information regarding these trainings and continued intervention support will be forthcoming. There is an additional order form for materials that was sent out in last week’s bulletin if needed. Please, reach out to the literacy team or student services for additional questions and/or support.

Questions? Theresa Morateck, Director Literacy & Humanities, tlmorateck@ or Amanda Kidwell, Asst. Director of Professional Learning in Student Services, almyers@