Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

To the MMSD staff who made the "Coming Out" video.  THANK YOU for encouraging conversations of love, acceptance, belonging and support all across the district.  We showed the second half of the video to kindergarten students and talked about how all types of families are special. The students were beaming while their listened to your messages of support and love on the video.  Thank you so much!
The September Crew of the Month goes to Lowell Elementary!  Ryan Morrison Paul Meyer Darren Green  Lowell is looking good inside and out.  Ryan, Paul, and Darren are working hard to keep the building safe and clean for the students and staff at Lowell. Thanks, guys, for your hard work and service to the MMSD community!  Building Services
SHOUT OUT to all the teachers who leave copius, clear sub plans for our guest teachers.  This is time-consuming, yet important.  THANKS!!!
Jen Johnson is amazing as a new BEA at Black Hawk!  She is very organized and great with the kids!
Shout out to Maryam Mirkamandari, Thomas Casper and Valleri Quintanilla at Leopold Elementary! You are so amazing and flexible and invaluable and I am greatful for you every single day. Thank you for all you do!
Shout out to Nick Lange at Leopold for being so flexible and willing to help out whenever!
Thank you Enoch Melgarejo and Cathryn Abrajan (Spanish Bilingual Resource Specialists) for the amazing job you do.  As you are pulled in multiple directions and often needed at the last minute, you always seem to fulfill everyone's requests. AND you do it all with a smile and positive attitude.  We are so lucky to have you both at West!
A shout out to Jaci Olson in the West High School Welcome Center! With constant traffic and calls and demands, AND a new Welcome Center, she multitasks and stays on top of her game!  It's a crazy job that takes a lot of patience. Thanks for communicating so well and serving our students, parents, and staff.
Shout out to Robin Bradford and Mai Saevang for jumping into teaching 2nd grade-- and for Lindsey Olsen for helping her new teammates acclimate to our school. We appreciate you all!
Shout out to Hilary Nguyen, Instructional Coach, at Leopold Elementary. Her deep reflection, collaboration, and positivity make our school a better place!