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Congratulations to our MAY 2018 Custodial Crew of the Month:  FALK ELEMENTARY  Congrats go out to:  DAVE SHEFCHIK SAUL NAXI PEREZ MONIQUE COVARRUBIAS  Thanks and congrats to Dave and his crew for the great work they do out at Falk!
SHOUT OUT to everybody who helped make the 8th grade promotion ceremony at Whitehorse a memorable event!! SPECIAL THANKS to Fabu Phillis Carter, our inspiring keynote speaker, and to Eric Theis for inviting her!
Huge round of applause for the West High School band and orchestra students and staff.  The Grand Finale Concert was fabulous!  Many thanks to Fred Schrank and Scott Eckel for their leadership and passion for the arts in our schools.   A special shout out to Mr. Schrank as he heads off into retirement. You will be missed!
I went to Kennedy's family night tonight, and *finally* met my nephew's 2nd Grade teacher, "Mr. B." My nephew has grown so much this year, and has been so excited about school and learning. He feels valued and loved. Mr. B. makes him feel special and important. I am sure he makes each kid feel this way. It was an honor to meet him tonight! Thank you, Mr. B! You are working miracles in your class, and I appreciate you!!
A big thank you to Aldo Leopold's amazing Third grade teachers, Ms. Ericksen and Maestra Colon. Our son has had an incredible year and has excelled so much. Thank you for being such incredible teachers and thank you for a great year!
A big thank you to Emily and Rosario for keeping the school running smoothly at Leopold and for always being so helpful and friendly.
A big thank you to the Leopold Custodial staff and Lunch Room Supervisors and teachers for all you do at Leopold but especially during lunch. A special thank you to Jesse, Jason, Ms. Q, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Rodriguez you all are amazing!
Thank you  Ms. Ann De Broux for keeping our  school nice and tidy!  - Capital High
Shout out to Shelly Duffield! Not only does she build great relationships with students  while they are in her classroom, but she stays connected. Even at this  busy time of year, she found  the time to read through  a La Follette 9th grader's persuasive essay and provide constructive feedback.  We're proud and grateful to have colleagues like Shelly!
Teri Schmit, I appreciate all the efforts you have made to pitch in here at Sennett this year.  It is hard to be part-time and hard to be the new staff member.  I enjoy having you here and the kids seem to enjoy French!