Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Congrats on the First ever 5th Grade Poetry Slam at Stephens! Way to go Jen Pavlik and Grahn and Konrad!
Barbara Thunell, Sennett Middle School - You are one of the most student-centered special ed teachers with whom I have ever worked. Your long hours, and kids - specific lessons are effectively at work. Kids know you care, won't give up on them, and will help them meet the goals they set and from their IEPs.
Will Robbins, Sennett Middle School- It is awesome having you as a colleague. You connect with all students by creating deep and meaningful relationships. You are able to take some of our more challenging students and make them feel at ease through genuine care. Lastly, you bring a fresh and uplifting attitude to work each day, which is always appreciated. Thanks
Tina Dunn, Sennett Middle School - You are without a doubt one of the best educators I've even seen practice, and I've been in middle school for MANY years. Thanks for always keeping it real with kids, pushing the envelope when you know practices aren't working for our kids, and allowing others to learn from your highly functional, fun and student-centered room.
Shout out to Mr. Schwab at Sandburg Elementary for not only helping kids get what they need, but also for showing that the LMC is more than books and computers.
A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Kaitlin Tulbert ~ for helping me puzzle through the 6th grade schedule.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
To all the helpful, supportive and patient  folks in ENROLLMENT  for all you do to help  support the work of  Master Scheduling.  Whew!  Endless thanks...
A HUGE shout out  goes to the staff at  Schenk Elementary for hosting another amazing  and successful family  Ally Superhero Night!  Way to go, Schenk!!
Maestro Torres at Leopold is a gem of teacher! His organizational skills are impressive and the respect he receives from his students is unparalleled. We appreciate you Juan Pablo, and think you are rare and special!
A big shout out to Marcy Meyers at MSCR. We could never have gotten our Kennedy Kickball Team together without your help. Thanks for answering your phone as we called every day, several times. You rock!!!