Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Shout out to Lisa Koenecke of West High School! Your energy, knowledge, and hugs are infectious. West High is so lucky to have you as part of the team.
Huge THANK YOU shout out to MMSD's printing department, especially Todd and Kriss for all your help, support and quick turn around with all the Print Path materials.  You guys are amazing to work with and MMSD is lucky to have you all!!! Thank you!!!
Shout out to Susan Gevelber of West High School. Her social studies classroom is engaging, rigorous, and highly organized. She holds students to the highest standards of learning, and never gives up on them. Thanks for your steady, excellent teaching.
Shout out to Kelly Pickett for helping us hone our equity lens at Capital High. We appreciate your leadership!
Huge Shout Out to Taylor Fries of West High School! She is an amazing teacher who holds all students accountable for their learning, high levels of achievement, and being a member of a tight classroom community. She is a passionate advocate for kids who works tirelessly for their success. Thanks for all your do, Taylor. We are so glad you are at West High!
Sarah McGee at Doyle Student Services is a treasure!  She works tirelessly to support special education staff, quickly providing answers or help and always does so in a kind way.  MMSD is so fortunate to have you, Sarah!
A huge shout out to the Madison East Spanish department, Jason Kempen, Aaron Jossart, Joel Webber, Barbara Davis and Carrisa Flores for planning for Spanish 1, taking four overloads and helping to transition two new teachers after more than three weeks of the new school year.
Shout out to Miss Martha on the East Side! My kid loves Miss Martha at Sandburg. Comes home every day talking about learning and I can see they're doing hard work. Thanks for everything!
Arnettia Holmes at Sennett Middle School...I so appreciate the time you take to always say hello and ask about life. You are building relationships and making Sennett a better place! Thank you also for keeping high expectations for all our students.
Big ups to my teammates, Justine Page and Chauncey Haste, who give it their all in both big and small ways. Not only do I feel supported and challenged, but our 6th graders are proving that teaming matters to them as we work to learn and build relationships together!  --Vera Naputi