Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Thank you to Maya Kadakia, Amy Malueg, and Lexi Ray for a successful lab.  All students were engaged in critical reading with a complex text. Routines and structures were solid, and students were grappling with the task at hand. Team teaching the content supported student needs. Multiple teaching points were included within the lesson and students used every minute of their instructional time.
Fantastic work at Sennett Middle School.  Thank you to Dan Kigeya for engaging in the lab despite being pulled in a million directions. You prioritized the lab and your instructional leadership was appreciated. Matt Inda, grade 6 teacher,  did a fantastic job during the Literacy Lab. His relationships with kids and his reflective planning created a successful lesson! It is clear that Matt works in collaboration with his team to produce engaging and rigorous lessons. Tom Blau, Grade 7/8 teacher, created a le
Catherine Eagle, Whitehorse - SHOUT OUT for your Cultural Feast...
Thanks to Gina Haugen and Sarah Case for putting on a beautiful music concert at Glenn Stephens! The themes of love and understanding as well as the amazing melodies and lyrics will carry on with students and staff!
I want to recognize all the 9th grade Pathways teachers who are guiding their students through student-led conferencing for the first time. We have heard from families and students that reflecting on their learning and growth has been hugely beneficial and they appreciate your time and support.
A huge shout out to Mike Wolfgram at Leopold! Your willingness to collaborate and find solutions is very much appreciated. Thanks for all that you do for students and staff!
Shout out to Danielle Borneman who cares so deeply about students and teachers and is brilliant with organization. West is a better place because you are a part of it!
Van Hise grade 3 team ~ Jessy Gamez, Andrea Nelson, Mary Powell, Erin Miller-Bishoff, and Beth Mitchell you are a wonderful team to work with! Keep up the amazing work on behalf of our students
A huge thank you to Profe Raul and Maestra Cristina at Leopold Elementary School for being such amazing teachers and helping and caring about their students from last year!
John Faust - We are glad you are part of the Van Hise teaching staff this year! Welcome to the hedgehog family