Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Shout out to Janie Triebold for the awesome job you've done as both a student teacher and long term substitute teacher at Whitehorse Middle School! We will miss you and wish you all the best in your career!
Huge, huge, huge shout out to Ms. Grady, our out-of-this-world amazing gym teacher at Elvehjem Elementary. She goes above and beyond. She makes sure kiddos like my son in a wheelchair are always able to participate. She and his aide Kim created a hockey stick out of a pool noodle and cardboard. She never lets a child feel left out or different. My daughter has some issues with her joints and Ms. Grady is always so compassionate, respectful and understanding. She is a hidden gem at Elvehjem.
Kellie Miesbauer at Sennett Middle is beyond amazing. She goes far beyond just the classroom. She will go out of her way to make sure students are happy, safe, comfortable, respected, and heard. She also is incredible with us, the parents. Always willing to go the extra mile keep in constant communication and work together to make sure our kids are performing their best and feeling happy and understood. She is 1000% an asset to Sennett and to our children. And the amount of patience and gentleness and kindn
Amy Treuter is an amazing asset to every teacher, school and child that she comes into contact with. Her expertise and knowledge of literacy inspires so many people. I cannot express enough gratitude for what she does for me.
Shout out to Reggie Patterson, Behavior Education Assistant (BEA) at Leopold. Thank you supporting our students and always bringing a positive attitude with you each and everyday! Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated. We are lucky to have you on our team!
Kim Ingebrigtson may have the title of SEA but she is so much more. To my son she is a friend, protector, second mom, comedian, inventor. She goes above and beyond to make sure my nonverbal medically fragile child always has the best and safest experience when he is in school.   She reads his body communications so well. She can tell if he is getting ill or needs a break and has taken the time to really understand and respect him and learn about all his medical needs to insure a successful time at school. H
Shout out to Mrs. Stacy Packard, and Susan Veit - Special Education Teachers do more and beyond to accomplishment of all student's needs, and a very good classroom management as well. ~ Maria Nunez, SEA
Thank you so very much Mr. Johnson and Ms. Putnam. Your patience and your commitment have been crucial in my son having one of best school years of his life.
Mr. Pope at Elvehjem is a fantastic teacher and we appreciate the care and quality he brings to his classroom every day. Thanks, Mr. Pope!
This is a shout out to Mrs. Forst at Elvehjem. She is an amazing teacher with boundless energy. She makes the most of every day with her students and our family appreciates her. Thanks, Mrs. Forst!