Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

A huge shout out to the staff at Schenk Elementary School for a successful learning lab! Special thanks to Ali Hilsabeck, Shannon Marchewka, Brandon Brown, Melissa Langer, Grant Hilsabeck, and Jennifer Jaworski for hosting! A special appreciation to instructional coaches, Emily Pease and Margaret Lofgren!
O'Keeffe's SBLT has been amazing and thoughtful this year in supporting staff as we implement our school improvement plan.  As a team, they are reflective about professional learning that supports staff in intentional instruction and building relationships with students. Way to go, TEAM!
Mr. Jason DoRocher our Spanish BRS at Thoreau. Thank you for going above and beyond. The children are excited every morning to see you at the front door with the mobile " library cart " loaded with spanish and Arabic books they can borrow to read at home in the home language. You are a true Trilingual!!
The Emerson Variety Show hosted by the Emerson PBS Team is one of my favorite school events of the year.  Thank you to the PBS Team for your hard work in allowing students the opportunity to get on stage and share their many different and unique talents!  As a parent, I am grateful for this inventive and fun way to celebrate kids and allow them to shine in so many different ways. Bravo, Emerson! Bravo, PBS team!
7th grade ELA team at Whitehorse, you inspire me to be a better teacher of writing and the written word. SHOUT OUT TO YOU ALL!!
Katy Schwallier, Sennett M.S. I appreciate that you are always there to provide insight, care, refocusing, and support for me and for every student regardless of whether they are assigned to you. Thank you for always giving me space to grow and learn with our students.
Way to keep our VHE Hedgies moving and shaking all year long Ms. Koval! It’s so important to get their exercise while considering it fun! You continue to be an excellent role model for Aubree and a volunteer with Tri 4 Schools! Thanks so much!
Big Shout Out to Nicole Graper for her hard work on getting the MSCR Winter Program Guide ready for print!  It's a lot of coordination...and the hard work is appreciated across the community!
To Miss Brianna at Sandburg Elementary! For being an awesome educator and friend to our kids in Spec Ed...and everywhere else. We drive our kids to her care every day on our bus. She is Great!
MAJOR SHOUT OUT to the amazing 4th grade team at Van Hise!!! Mr. C, Mrs. Mahr and Ms. Gunderson!!! We are so fortunate to have such incredible, awesome, fantastic educators in our children’s lives!!! You truly make a difference! We are forever grateful!