Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Thanks Ms. Peterson For All You Do ♥️
Mr. Will at Sennett Middle School is an awesome member of our staff. His work with one student, in particular, is amazing and heartwarming. He is there for the highs and lows, and the two of them have developed an exceptional bond. Thank you for all of your work, Mr. Will. You are appreciated!
A firecracker cheer to Heather McIntosh, 7th grade Literacy and Social Studies teacher at Cherokee Heights MS. A few weeks ago, a Concordia student who wants to be a teacher in his second career starting observing and assisting in her class. Even though it is May, Heather was kind and gracious to welcome this student teacher and I know he will have a great experience. Thanks Heather for paying it forward!
Gracias a las maestras Ramirez, McKevett, Alyssa, Angela y Niles de 1 DLI en Midvale. ¡Gracias por cuidarme y apoyarme este año! ¡Tengo la mas suerte en el mundo trabajar con todas ustedes! ¡Mil Gracias por este año!
Shout Out to Thoreau's Brave Teachers who took on our crazy idea of 'Cook with Books', an After School cooking and reading program!!! It was a huge success thanks to:  Emily Hadden, Brittany Rodgers, Karly Dyle, Joanna Liebl, Amy Olmsted and Emily Castrova!
To Jamie Mawhinny, Stephens Elementary Jamie, thank you for your loving heart that wrapped itself around Ava Sainsbury this year. You not only provided the classroom structure that Ava needs to thrive, but you gave her tools to deal with friends and to deal with other stressors in her personal life. You went above and beyond in providing a soft place for Ava to land everyday. Thank you for your extra time and effort to help Ava have a great year in second grade.  ~ Sincerely, Robyn Floyd, grandma
Thanks to the many teachers at Olson Elementary for helping our students grow and learn in a welcoming environment!
A HUGE shout out to Mike Wetzel for his patience and flexibility in putting together the numerous Welcoming Schools videos!
Avecia James and Brandon Hillman, I am not sure if you both know just how important you are for the students, staff, and families of Whitehorse.  Any time I have a request and/or need help problem-solving, you are 100% willing to work with us. Our students depend on clear and consistent guidelines, and even more so, people who care. Several of our kiddos have made social-emotional and academic gains that would not have been possible without your ongoing support. For this, I thank you!
This shout-out is for Jen Milne-Carroll. Thank you for always keeping the library doors and your heart open to all kiddos.  Any time I have a student who needs something a little different, you are more than willing to help me think about ways to help them succeed. You go above and beyond because you want to and for that, I am beyond grateful!