Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Big Shout Out to Memorial's Special Education Department -- Thank you for handling tough situations with grace.
Marilyn Wilson and Connie Rickey have been working tireless in my room with my students with autism. It is a difficult job, but they do it with patience, kindness and determination. They are truly a gift to the District.
SHOUT OUT to Shane Fisher, for all of your support and prompt RESPONSIVENESS with our school's Infinite Campus needs!
Shout Out to all the teachers who participated in Welcoming Schools training - on behalf of all of our students!!
A great BIG shout out to Mindy Grant, our Library Media tech goddess!  She has been a North Star for our staff as we begin the journey toward G3 roll out.  Thanks also for all the effort to upgrade and rearrange the library to make it an even more inviting space to learn.  You Rock!
Tracy Warnecke - you are a MASTER teacher.  Every day you welcome some of the toughest students with open arms. You seamlessly create a learning environment that expects nothing but the BEST each student has that day and they deliver.  You inspire me to be a better educator.
Thank you so much Beth McClure for all the work you do to make O'Keeffe teachers feel supported.  You are a master at gently inviting us to grow and lean into the struggle.  Thanks also for always being willing to listen and do whatever you can to help.
Shout out to Joleen Welborn for your constant willingness to drop everything you're doing to help anyone solve a problem or brainstorm. You're patient, brilliant, helpful, and a true pleasure to work with.
Shout out to Nancy Benisch, second grade teacher at Schenk, for her unwavering commitment to including all students in her learning Environment!
Shorewood Hills Elementary School gives a huge shout out to Sherie Hohs and Jennifer Herdina for their inspiring work related to Welcoming Schools. We love learning from you because we can use the lessons immediately in our classrooms. You've helped make our race, gender, and equity work meaningful to the school community. Thank you!