Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Thank you, Sennett, for your incredible work and engagement during the second-semester learning lab. I appreciated the deep conversations around student use of academic language, paraphrasing, and using evidence from the text to support thinking. Mac Douglas, Instructional Coach, did an amazing job of preparing the teachers for the lab. She is truly a strong instructional leader. #SennettTeachersRock!
Here's a big SHOUT OUT to Kristina Keyes and Jeff Kunkle from Capital High for their diligent instructional planning as they make their way in the new world of competency based education!
To the Third Grade Team at Nuestro Mundo- it is such a pleasure working with you! You truly are amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work, open and honest communication, and dedication to Nuestro Mundo Students and Families!!!
Shout out to Sherrice Perry for remaining calm and professional when talking to a frustrated parent about a student's Behavior Support Plan. She always gives parents respect and helps them champion their children's education.
Shout out to Shauna Sendelbach in Human Resources. We appreciate your commitment to creative problem solving. Thank you for being a tireless partner to the schools you support.
Congrats to the Custodial Crew of the Month for March, 2018!  It is the crew at Hamilton/Van Hise!  Congrats to:  STAN RIDDERBUSCH ANDY SCHABEL CAROL ARTEAGA GEU VANG SHOUA XIONG MARC MCKELVEY  Thanks for all your hard work keeping two buildings looking great!
THANK YOU EBONY SPIVEY. Students at Olin Intervention Programs are so fortunate to have you looking out for them! Every student will receive a bike, helmet, and T-shirt through your amazing work. Thanks for all you do!
Ms Taillon (Midvale Library) created an avid reader in my house by introducing her to a series she could handle and was hooked on. After discovering that series, she had to be sure she had the book in her backpack so she had it at Safe Haven, before school, and at home at bedtime. Now I have to work to get her to look up from books she loves! I am forever grateful for that.
Jess Devine, Sennett Middle School- You do SO much to support some of our toughest kids and help them succeed! I know this year has been tough at times, but Sennett is SO lucky to have you here and willing to take on all that you do! Thanks for your continued professionalism and creative problem-solving!
Chris Jankowski, Sennett Middle School- I've been a Chris J. fan for a LONG time. Thank you for being on top of things all over the school and always being a student advocate. You keep them at the center and care so much.