Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Brandon at Whitehorse,  You are an amazingly loving & talented staff member. THANKS for all you do for our students & community!!
Shout out to Sandburg’s Jenna Collins for strong mentorship in 4k.
A GIGANTIC shout out to Taryn Soza from the Communications Department! She went above and beyond helping to make numerous last minute changes so I could present accurate information at PD! Thank you Taryn! - K. Kruser
hank you to Pam Finger, Grade 7 Teacher at O’Keeffe Middle School, for sharing her practice and her ability to be flexible and make adaptations in order to support students in their learning.You are Spectacular!
Thank you to Nicole Stoa, Grade 6 Teacher at O’Keeffe Middle School, for her engaging and rigorous lesson. Your reflective nature allowed your students to excel in grappling with theme. You deserve a Sparkle Award!
Our first lab at O’Keeffe Middle School was a success! It was an  engaging learning experience led by Beth McClure, coach extraordinaire. Beth’s  ability to form learning partnerships with staff  is clearly evident in the good work happening at O’Keeffe.
Shout out to Shawn Schroedl for organizing a Spirit Week at Sennett Middle School that aligned with La Follette's Homecoming Spirit Week. What a great way to connect our communities and instill Lancer PRIDE in our future Lancers!  #WeAreLaFollette
Thank you to Anna Templeman, Grade 8 Teacher at O’Keeffe Middle School, for sharing her practice. Kids were engaged and grappling with a complex task using engaging materials. You Rock!
Way to go Chavez!!  You ROCK!!  75% of our students are meeting their minutes in Lexia.  For our first year, it's a FANTASTIC start!!  Linda Z.
Shout out to Tina Hanson, new special education teacher at Glenn Stephens who is strong at student supports, communication, and collaboration! We love having you at Stephens.