Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Michelle Nelson at O'Keeffe does a fantastic job of communicating with families to see that they understand how academic decisions are made in their students' best interests.
To Jeri Walsh and Jenah Pfalz at Sennett Middle School - for dropping everything to help out another staff member in a bind, with expediency and compassion!
A huge shout out to the new support services team at West High.   Megan Pitts, Julianne DiLeo, Brooke Gard and Shari Weinstein have hit the ground running and have quickly developed an admirable level of collaboration and teamwork. These 4 work together to support our students, families, and community.  We're so glad you're here and look forward to a strong year ahead.
HUGE SHOUT OUT to  Jackie Hilmer, Whitehorse MS,  for being the warm demander that you are ~ and for kids noticing & appreciating  that about you!!
Shout Out to Teri Hedges!  Thank you for helping Schenk transition with the Bridges curriculum. All your time and effort is greatly appreciated.
HUGE SHOUT OUT to Wilson Seely, for taking the time to orient new members to the 8th grade math team at Whitehorse MS!!
Thanks to Sean Deignan, Amy Bennett, and Kristi Jacobsen for jumping in and helping whenever and wherever even without being asked! They help to problem solve and make everyone at Stephens feel taken care of!
SHOUT OUT to COLLEEN HAYES ~ for all you do to keep our Whitehorse students engaged & involved afterschool - and for all the amazing ways that you give of yourself & to our community beyond these walls!!!
HUGE SHOUT OUT to the dynamic trio that is the Whitehorse Main Office:  Liana Diaz, Amanda Klinkner & Monica Piper!!!  WE ARE SO LUCKY!
Ms. Diaz at Whitehorse -  thank you for all of your work with the VIP crew so far this year! Because of your initiatives, students are motivated and engaged in their school community. Your willingness to go above and beyond is appreciated by all!!