Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

A huge thank you and recognition of dedication goes to my “teammates” Stacie MacWilliams and Mark Baumgartner!  I was so proud of the Gompers kids and the love you showed for them at the Strings Festival. It is an honor to work with such great Educators.
HUGE SHOUT OUT to the Whitehorse SBLT & other staff members ~ for carrying out a dynamic day of professional learning that provided relevance, rigor, voice & choice.  We appreciate all your efforts: Jackie Anhalt, Josh Bacskai, Liana Diaz, Wendy Ellis, Kristen Grothman, Val Hammer, Caryl Hodgman, Amanda Klinkner, Robert Mueller-Owens, Lindsey Neumann, Fawn O'Brien, Eric J Theis, Sarah Waddell
Thank you to our fabulous Allis BRS team. Your willingness to go above and beyond with helping our children who are learning English connect with text and concepts between core literacy and interventions is hugely appreciated. Your collaboration with their work in interventions and helping them transfer it to the classroom is invaluable. Thank you, Neng Xiong,  Jenn Garthwaite and Luis Armancanqui!
Stephanie Greiber (PE teacher at Black Hawk) goes above and beyond for staff and students.  What a team player!  She is a very caring person who is always willing to help out. Can't wait to see what she does for spirit week!
A big thank you to Matt Ayala, Lead Custodian at Shorewood Hills Elementary School. Your dedication to keeping our school clean, and well-maintained, and ensuring it is a healthy environment for kids to learn is APPRECIATED by all of us.   You've only been at our school for a few months and you've already done so much so well. Thank you!
Huge congratulations to Kelly McCarthy (Librarian @ Cherokee) for promoting literacy in her building via Battle of the Books. Her 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade teams all took first place in their grade level competitions!
Big shout out to  Black Hawk office staff!   Mr. Josh Sendelbach and  Ms. Tamara Hill always have a smile for students and staff!    We miss Josh while he's out for a couple of days but happy to have Linda Kellogg helping the office run smoothly while he's gone.
A shout out to Crestwood Social Worker Abby Tejeda! You act as an advocate and champion for the Crestwood community! Happy Social Work Month!
HAPPY National Americorps Week to COLLEEN HAYES, Whitehorse MS's Schools of Hope Volunteer Tutor Coordinator.  Colleen you are an extremely value-added member of our school community and we are endlessly grateful for all you do.
Shout out to Adrianne Smith at Sennett Middle School for her enthusiasm and commitment to orchestra students. She does an outstanding job at keeping students engaged.