Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Sam Frederick, Sennett M.S. Thank you for providing all students an opportunity to enjoy music. It is such an integral part of life for all people, including these young people, and they can learn more about it through you.
Joanna, Erin and Kenzie: THANK you for all of the long hours you put in making Sandburg look as welcoming on the outside as it is on the inside.  YOU ROCK!
Jason Busack is an amazing social worker at Schenk. It's hard to believe he is only in his second year. He is wise, caring and very dedicated. He's always willing to go above and beyond and he does it all with a sense of humor.  We're lucky to have you, Jason!
Big Shout out to the staff at Black Hawk Middle School. During the December 8th PD they ROCKED it out for the sake of our students and school. They spent a full day engaging in tough work around equity, teaching practices, building alliances w/students and more. The staff conducted this work with extreme class and professionalism. We grew closer as a building staff through this PD. Thanks to our leadership team and Instructional coach Kate Jorgensen for crafting such a wonderful day focused on our students
Shout out to Becka Robbins, who is an amazingly kind, caring and incredibly talented teacher. Her thoughtful, thorough and skilled handling of her class is a gift to us and our child.
LVM staff for an amazing day of reflecting and learning! I am inspired by each of you every day I come to work.
SHOUT OUT TO Sadie Bates, Whitehorse - for our shared Backstreet Boys moment as you were teaching QUATRAINS to your 7th Grade ELA students!
A BIG Shout-Out to Anne Schoenemann, instructional coach at Cherokee Heights Middle School. Her expert coaching was demonstrated at their recent Literacy Lab. Thank you for all your continued support for teacher teams to implement the Inquiry-based Reading Process to raise reading achievement for all students.  You ROCK!
A huge shout out to Curt Strek for taking the lead in planning an amazing field trip opportunity for La Follette Pathways students. La Follette is extremely lucky to have you!
The PBS team at Glenn Stephens would like to acknowledge SOAR, our mascot for his active participation in our community circles!!!