Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Thank you to Mrs. Palmiter for your patience, kindness, humor, and all around calm!  You are an amazing 5th grade teacher and my son has loved having you as his teacher. Thanks a million!
The April Crew of the Month goes to our unsung heroes without a permanent home...  OUR SUB POOL! Jay Haug Clifford Simon Deon Burgard Danette Hilliard Reed Sean Flatman Robert Arnett Jessiann Hodges Ken Kleeman Richard Colwill  Let's hear it for our subs, who go where they're assigned and do a great job filling holes where we need them!  Thanks, subs, for all you do!
Thank you to Ms. Hoffman for making my son's first year in Madison a great experience. He loves school, loves to learn, and is making new friends.  We are so grateful to you!
Kennedy Staff and Mr. B,  Thank you for making my daughter first year at Kennedy so easy and smoothly. We have enjoyed the school and could not be happier
Mr. Powers & Mr. Stancer -Thank you for making the Kennedy music concerts so memorable! Children and families were full of smiles as each grade level performed for a packed gymnasium.   We are already looking forward to next  year's concerts!
Mrs. Potter, Emerson 1st Grade - SHOUT OUT  TO YOU!  Our child has blossomed in  your care.
Anna Melville, Sennett Middle School -  I appreciate the soft-touch, comforting support that you give to all of the students and staff here at Sennett!  I can see how it helps students remain calm and feel supported.  Thanks for everything you do inside and outside of the health office.
Jenna Quan, Sennett Middle School- You've been a blessing for Sennett this year. Your student-centered style is a perfect fit. I appreciate your organization, relationship focus and caring attitude. It is strongly apparent that you care about the WHOLE person. Walking into your room with all the academic language and visual supports is a dream. I appreciate you.
Thanks to Welcoming Schools Trainers for providing 11 professional development opportunities to families, schools and staff, all in April!  Shout out to Tara Salzwedel, Sherie Hohs, Mindy Trudell, Jennifer Desouky, Maria Loy, Phillip Edmonds, Sarah Hemmerich, Laurie Tomasini, Kristin Ensminger and Kristi Nelson! You are making a difference in our district!
Ashley Foxborn, Sennett Middle School -  Thank you for always going with the flow of things. You come in everyday ready to go and I really appreciate your example of giving the kids the benefit of the doubt. I value your knowledge about language and your lens within our classroom to not only help our students but also me. :)  I wouldn't have gotten through this year without you!