Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Shout out to Mark Nelson, Instructional Coach at East High, for wearing many, many hats with style! You balance the needs of students and colleagues while keeping an eye on the big goals, and your thoughtfulness and strategic thinking about change processes makes all the difference!
A big shout out to Nikki Kenyatta for kicking off Mendota PD with her thoughtful and inspiring words!
Shout out to the Kindergarten team at Shorewood Elementary for overcoming construction obstacles and working together to make Mrs. Lesar's room beautiful and inviting for the new little learners at SHES!
Sana Khaja you are a wonderful asset to Van Hise! You have had an amazing first week and your classroom is warm and inviting---all truly are welcome and feel it!
Props and shoutout to Josh Sendelbach, Black Hawk Middle School's new secretary, for jumping into a demanding role and doing it with grace, calm energy, a smile and humility. Our community is lucky to have you!
Shout out to Patrice Hutchins at La Follette High School for taking on a new leadership role. You shined during the Welcome Back Conference and will continue to shine in your work with students. Thank you for your dedication to the work.
In the crazy busy first days of the school year, Judy Christensen, school counselor at La Follette, is handling the whirlwind of schedule changes with impressive efficiency and an un-fading smile!
Here's to all the Shabazz High teachers! Thanks for being engaged and invested in building a safe and welcoming environment for ALL students!!
Thank you of our incredible Instructional Coaches in the district for their incredible leadership in helping create a great Welcome Back for staff, students, and families.
Yea, Chavez!  Thank you for your thoughtful work around equity at Welcome Back Days!!  Chavez: Building strong relationships and striving scholars! ~ Linda Zimmerman