Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

A huge shout out to Rachelle Hady, in Benefits, who emailed with me on Sunday to help me navigate an Interra Bioscreen mix up. I truly appreciate her time, caring and patience.
Betsy Peterson is a rockstar! She works tirelessly to support our Lancer students to be the most engaged learners they can be and we could not be more grateful for her efforts and positivity.
A HUGE thank you to John Domack, carpenter/welder extraordinaire, who built a bracket and mounted our beloved tree "cookie" for all to enjoy and learn from! This was a slice from an enormous Bur Oak that used to grace Lincoln school grounds, until it had to be taken down. John did such an excellent, above-and-beyond job of this; we appreciate his craftsmanship so very much. Thanks, John! ~ Clare Seguin, Lincoln REACH Program
To the Capital High Family: CONGRATS for winning the lip sync battle! Special thanks to Karyn Stocks Glover, Mary Jankovich, Marianne Matt, Greg Mawer, Jocelyn Lepinkski, Monica Muraski, and, Megan.  Your performance was phenomenal!!  Thank you for being amazing!!!
Extremely grateful for Tamara Maxwell and Norma Furger for the quality support they provide our school with improving our literacy instruction.  We always appreciate their knowledge and support!
Stephens Elementary 4k team and principals would like to thank Naffid Hassan for his help building a relationship with a 4k student who only speaks Arabic and was in her first days ever away from mom at school! Naffid came over during his busy schedules from Muir and Thoreau to help us out and was AMAZING with the student! Thanks.
Beth Mitchell, you are an amazing advocate for our students. I appreciate your determination, perseverance, and honesty. You put in timeless hours for our kiddos who need it the most, thank you!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend 4 days of training with Stacy Ackerman in Developmental Designs! You ROCK!!!
I am so grateful for Lorie Wesolek and Dan Maloney and all of the help and problem solving for my son!
Mr Hassan has prayer rugs and safe space for me to pray. He taught my teacher about why and when I pray and gave me a place to do my prayers.