Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

The CUSTODIAL TEAM/BUILDING CREW OF THE MONTH award for October goes to the crew at Jefferson Middle School!  Congrats to:  Al Johnson Rhonda Rickey Tom Lovejoy  This crew does a great job and we thank them for their service to the children of MMSD.  Plus, they have had their school ripped apart the past two summers and it is still looking as good as ever! Dave Kapp & Building Services
A Shout Out to the teachers at Lake View Elementary for engaging in a meaningful day of collaboration and planning during their Semester 1 Learning Lab. A special thank you to Elise Yanke, Instructional Coach, for planning and facilitating the day!
A BIG Shout-Out to Madonna Bodmer, instructional coach at Jefferson Middle School, who used the experience of the Literacy Learning Labs to bring together district vision and teacher practice. Madonna plans and teaches with teachers so that she can walk the talk. Your consistent focus to improve outcomes for our students is inspiring to us all. Thank you!
A BIG Shout-Out to the Wright Middle School ELA teachers who graciously hosted a literacy lab: Bethany Alwa, John Hawkins, and Pam Dempsey. Thank you to Linda Bernhardt and Laura Darling for their deep thinking to support our process, and thanks to Tara Wolfe, instructional coach, for her skillful guidance with planning and facilitation. This Wright team honored each other’s expertise and used heart and head to collaboratively analyze student work to inform next instructional steps. Bravo!
Three Cheers to Shane Fisher for your IC grade book support to many new staff at CHMS this whole quarter. We appreciate your repeated visits, emails and phone calls. Shane is a very kind, generous and knowledgeable support specialist. Thank you for going the extra mile!
Congratulations, Hawthorne Elementary School, on a great day of learning at their lab held on October 17. Much appreciation to the host teachers, Melissa Ponsegrau, Rosa Burdulis, and Stacey Hodkiewicz, and instructional coach, Lori Kluetzman, for everything they did to make the day successful!
SHOUT OUT to Wendy Ellis for taking on the load of the Q2 course roster rollover.  THANK YOU!!!!
You are truly a great advocate for children and families and go out of your way to make sure things are in place for children and classrooms.  We are so lucky to have you!
 Thank you to Julia Steege-Reimann.  The Wright community is grateful for all the support, structure, and reminders you've provided to us. We are feeling the security of your support and appreciate it.
A big welcome and shout-out to Amy Hefty, the new PST at Muir Elementary! Thank you for bringing your humor, understanding, and helpful attitude to our CC team. You're awesome!