Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Jennifer Herdina, I sincerely and with the deepest gratitude, appreciate everything you have done to help me and the students in the class this school year! Not only are you a teacher and an incredible mother, you took time out of your busy schedule every week to volunteer in our class as well as being an active member of Olson's PTO. Thank-you, Julie Green
Shout out to Tony Fischer for starting up Workplace CSA for staff at Olson Elementary this year! Hopefully it will be the first of more to come in our schools!
Thanks to Tiffany Geier and Jane Kaldor for your positive energy and care and concern for kids at John Muir Elementary. Our children come home talking about P.E. and REACH on a weekly basis. We appreciate both of you and thank you for making school learning fun outside of the classroom.
Shoutout to Lisa Koenecke, Pathways and ACP Coordinator at West High School this year! You have brightened our hallways, athletic events and professional development with your enthusiasm and energy. Hugs!
This shout out is for Betsy Scholz!!  Thank you for all the time you put into clubs at Muir.  What an amazing experience for students and staff.  It was an enjoyable experience for those involved.
To Sara Becker for planning an awesome field trip to the school forest with Paul Olson's family!!! Our fourth graders really made a connection on why our school was named after him.
Congrats on the First ever 5th Grade Poetry Slam at Stephens! Way to go Jen Pavlik and Grahn and Konrad!
Barbara Thunell, Sennett Middle School - You are one of the most student-centered special ed teachers with whom I have ever worked. Your long hours, and kids - specific lessons are effectively at work. Kids know you care, won't give up on them, and will help them meet the goals they set and from their IEPs.
Will Robbins, Sennett Middle School- It is awesome having you as a colleague. You connect with all students by creating deep and meaningful relationships. You are able to take some of our more challenging students and make them feel at ease through genuine care. Lastly, you bring a fresh and uplifting attitude to work each day, which is always appreciated. Thanks
Tina Dunn, Sennett Middle School - You are without a doubt one of the best educators I've even seen practice, and I've been in middle school for MANY years. Thanks for always keeping it real with kids, pushing the envelope when you know practices aren't working for our kids, and allowing others to learn from your highly functional, fun and student-centered room.