Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Christie Ashmore, Thank you for all you do on behalf of our students! Your tireless energy and dedication to their success is noticed and appreciated
The CUSTODIAL TEAM/BUILDING CREW OF THE MONTH award for November goes to the crew at Schenk/Whitehorse!  Congrats to: Robin Russell Ron Lynch Linda Kolman Nick Rick Tim Berg  This crew does a great job and we thank them for their service to the children of MMSD.  Combo schools pose their own unique challenges!  Thanks to Robin and her crew for continued excellence!
Shout out to Sherrie Stuessy. You have put together an amazing career cluster exploration event for our 7th graders. We appreciate all you do each and every day to support our teachers and our students to have experiences that help them to envision their futures.
Shout out to Tim Peterson, MMSD's Assessment Director, for his depth of knowledge, accessibility to our school, and responsiveness. You rock!  (Kate Jorgensen, Instructional Coach, BHMS)
Shout out to Mendota's Diversity team for hosting a wonderful parent/staff screening/discussion of a Thanksgiving Blackish episode.  We are grateful for your hard work and for including parents in your screening!  Let's do this again soon!  ~Jenn B.
Shout out to Emily Braun for her warm attention to our son during his first year at Mendota! He loves school and is absolutely thriving!
Thank you to Jessie Thiel, from the Doyle Mail Staff. Your support and hard work really makes doing the 4K Parent Outreach process much more efficient. Jessie, you are awesome!!!!!!!!
Thank you to Maya Kadakia, Amy Malueg, and Lexi Ray for a successful lab.  All students were engaged in critical reading with a complex text. Routines and structures were solid, and students were grappling with the task at hand. Team teaching the content supported student needs. Multiple teaching points were included within the lesson and students used every minute of their instructional time.
Fantastic work at Sennett Middle School.  Thank you to Dan Kigeya for engaging in the lab despite being pulled in a million directions. You prioritized the lab and your instructional leadership was appreciated. Matt Inda, grade 6 teacher,  did a fantastic job during the Literacy Lab. His relationships with kids and his reflective planning created a successful lesson! It is clear that Matt works in collaboration with his team to produce engaging and rigorous lessons. Tom Blau, Grade 7/8 teacher, created a le
Catherine Eagle, Whitehorse - SHOUT OUT for your Cultural Feast...