Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Shout out to the best History teacher I’ve ever had Mr. Rosing! I know La Follette is missing you a ton but we hope you are enjoying your new job! Thanks for making the most random and normally boring pieces of history exciting! Keep being awesome!
Mr. Cyra, from La Follette High, gives so much more to his students than just a music education. He gives amazing advice through “Cyra’s Life Lessons” and cares ten fold about every single kid that walks through his door, band student or not. I’m personally a better person and was way more prepared for adulthood because of the 4 years I spent in Mr. Cyra’s class. The world needs more Mr. Cyras in schools!
MMSD painters Jim and Brandon have been a joy to have at Sandburg - they've been doing a ton of work, it looks great, we're getting all kinds of compliments from parents and staff about how nice the school looks after being painte
Ms. Judy Christensen, counselor at La Follette, is an invaluable resource for students (and parents), helping navigate their high school course plan as well as prompting them to meet deadlines to prep for college. She makes herself readily available to students and parents and answers all questions without delay (or finds out how to get the answers).  Her enthusiasm and positivity are evident in the way she works with the students and encourages them to reach their goals.  She is an incredibly responsive an
A heartfelt shout out to Penny Simmons, Program Support Teacher with the Intensive Support Team.  Penny goes above and beyond in supporting our team.  Even though Penny has a lot of things on her plate, she is always willing to sit down with us and share her wisdom, knowledge and resources with us.   Thank you Penny for all you do on behalf of the Intensive Support Team and Building Bridges!
Peter Thompson-Sennett Middle School. You are one of the most selfless, kind,and patient people I know. You find multiple ways to support students with respect and an assurance of dignity. Thank you for being you.
Amazingly beautiful celebration of Dr. King today at Midvale Elementary. A march for peace with kids singing and chanting warmed many hearts. Cars honked in agreement and many smiles were given along the route. Thanks to all the teachers who put in the ha
Tina Fedora, Sennett Middle School- Your flexibility, diligence, and reliability are greatly appreciated. Your chill demeanor along with stern and high expectations encourages our students to perform to their best. Thanks for everything!
Shout out to Maestra Madelyn Christopherson for her kindness and creativity, and for inspiring her class of 2nd graders to engage in learning every day and to work together as a such a caring community!
Every time I get a chance to spend time with my son during the day I am so impressed by Midvale. It was my son's birthday and I got to pass out cupcakes to all the specials teachers with him. Each one of those teachers had calm, organized, engaged classes in front of them. The hallways were so calm and even though there is clearly some excitement in the air, the teachers seemed to be centered and had everything moving so smoothly and with such love and kindness. The Midvale staff truly is a wonder. Everyone